Technol Trunk D 4030


  • Highly rated medium speed diesel engines used in marine and stationary power;
  • generation applications, burning heavy fuel oil with various qualities and sulphur contents;
  • Particulary suitable for low or very low oil consumption engines operating with a poor quality residual fuel;
  • Bearings and stern-tubes;
  • Reduction gear lubrication;


  • Ensures oustanding cleanliness of the hot and cold parts of the engine, due to improved detergency and dispersancy capabilities;
  • Reduced build-up  heavy deposits  in  the  engine  leading  to  a  reduction  in maintenance costs;
  • Excellent resistance to the negative effects of contamination with residual fuel;
  • Excellent thermal restistance and high temperature oxidation resistance;
  • Excellent control of viscosity increase leading to reduced top-ups;
  • Very good water resistance and an outstanding demulsibility capacity leading to maintain the engine performance and to remove the water rapidly after a water ingress;
  • Very good wear protection and very good oil film strength at extreme pressures.
15 lt