Technol Tractor Transmission


  • TECHNOL TRACTOR TRANSMISSION has been especially developed for transmissions with wet brakes requiring an API GL-4 lubricant with a 10W-30 or 80W viscosity grade, in both Off-Road and On-Road vehicles;
  • This lubricant is also perfectly adapted to automatic transmissions, torque converters and hydrostatic transmissions and more generally to any transmissions requiring an UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmissions Oil) lubricant;
  • TECHNOL TRACTOR TRANSMISSION is also designed to lubricate hydraulic systems, power-assisted steering and power-take-offs (PTO) with wet clutches.


  • TECHNOL TRACTOR TRANSMISSION is adapted to a wide range of agricultural and Public Works equipment and helps to reduce the stock and the number of lubricants;
  • This lubricants shows excellent low temperature performances (protects friction brakes against sticking) and high temperature performances (protects against judder or excessive slip);
  • TECHNOL TRACTOR TRANSMISSION has very good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties giving optimum protection of gears and hydraulic components.
15 lt