Technol LAPİS ZF


  • Any hydraulic circuits where significant amounts of water are unavoidably introduced and when it is impossible to drain off the water (for instance on circuits that work around the clock);
  • Any hydraulic circuits working under loaded conditions: lubrication of stamping presses for example (Müller Weingarten approval);
  • Any hydraulic circuits subjected to high levels of pollution.


  • Detergent characteristics allowing the fluid to absorb large quantities of water while preserving its properties;
  • Detergent/Dispersant characteristics keeping the hydraulic system clean. High thermal stability giving the fluid good resistance at high operating temperatures;
  • Excellent antiwear capacity ensuring an extended life time of product;
  • Excellent level of resistance to foaming (silicon free defamer) together with rapid air release;
  • Specially formulated to provid good filterability even in presence of high water content;
  • Protection against rust and corrosion.
15 lt
208 lt