Technol LAPIS A


  • Hydraulic systems operating under high pressure and/or temperature conditions
  • High-pressue vane, piston or gear pumps
  • Sensitive hydraulic circuits requiring absolute filterability of the fluid (very fine servo valve play) : plastic moulding machines
  • Any hydraulic system where the risk of contamination of the environment and waters exists
  • Any application where an antiwear, high-performance oil is necessary : various movements, plain bearings and rolling bearings, reducers under low load, etc.
  • Lubrication of circuits in which the presence of water is accidental : machine tools, farm and food products industries, paper mills, steel making, etc.


  • Excellent antiwear properties ensuring protection of machine parts
  • Exceptional oxidation and thermal stability : greater service oil life and lengthening of oil change intervals
  • Excellent filterability with or without presence of water
  • Remarkable resistance to hydrolysis and good demulsification properties
  • Good antirust and anticorrosion properties for optimal protection of circuit components
  • Reacts very well to air : rapid air release and low foaming tendency
  • Hydraulic series does not contain heavy metals or zinc to avoid contributing to their accumulation in the environment
15 lt
208 lt