Technol ONİKS - P


Mineral oils with specific high performance additives designed to lubricate screw and reciprocating air compressors:

  • for screw compressors: TECHNOL ONİKS - P OIL 32, 46, or 68
  • for reciprocating compressors: TECHNOL ONİKS - P OIL 68, 100 or 150

For use in conditions where the discharge temperature does not exceed 100°C, otherwise, the use of synthetic oils is preferred.


The properties of TECHNOL COMPRESSOR OIL :
avoid the carbon build up
allow a good oil/air and oil/condensates separation
protect components against wear and corrosion

The use of TECHNOL COMPRESSOR OIL allows real cuts in the operating costs of the compressed air production facility by optimising the compressor efficiency.

Extending the service life of the separating filter elements. The TECHNOL COMPRESSOR OIL have an anti- clogging property that ensures the efficiency of the filters during a long period.

15 lt
208 lt