Technol MOTO 4T 10W-60


  • MOTO 4T 10W-60 is recommended for all 4-stroke sport motorcycles
  • The performance of the product meets the requirements of sport ride of amateur bikers and daily use
  • MOTO 4T 10W-60 meets the requirements of 4-stroke catalytic converters. Recommendations of manufacturers for oil drain intervals and appropriate viscosity should be followed. In case MOTO 4T 10W-60 is used for racing motorcycles, oil drain intervals will decrease. The composition of MOTO 4T 10W-60 has excellent compatibility with unleaded fuels


  • MOTO 4T 10W-60 is made of %100 synthetic base oils. %100 PAO formulation. This product has passed successfully all the tests on use for racing purposes. ELF's sector experience, MOTO 4T 10W-60's frictional resistance, innovative technology and formula know-how provide quality guarantee. Formulation of the product meets the international approvals
  • 10W60 viscosity improves the resistance of oil film in extreme temperature changes. MOTO 4T 10W-60 meets API SJ level (American Petroleum Institute). This level is deemed necessary by international motorcycle manufacturers
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4 Lt