Technol PLATINUM 5W-20




Synthetic technology engine oil that provides the best protection against wear and deposits. The post-treatment systems for petrol engines, which are sensitive to the lubricants used and expensive to maintain, are also protected over thelong-term thanks to the product's low phosphorus content. The 5W-20 grade reduces internal friction within the engine as much as possible so that it can deliver full power, while at the same time generating fuel savings.

Technol Platinium 5W-20 with specification Ford WSS-M2C-948-B is particularly well-suited for use with Ford's petrol powered engines (except the Ford Ka, Focus ST and Focus RS). This oil is required for the 1.0L 3 cylinder EcoBoost engines, and is also fully backward compatible and recommended for all petrol powered applications that currently require the specifications Ford WSS-M2C-913-B, Ford WSS-M2C-913-C or Ford WSS-M2C-925-B



  • Reduced environmental impact: 3.55% reduction in fuel consumption, as measured by the official ACEA test: M111FE
  • Protection for pollution-control systems: With its low phosphorus content, this lubricant also optimises the way in which three-way catalytic converters operate, preventing them from getting damaged through poisoning. This reduces NOx, HC and CO in particular
  • Engine protection and cleanliness: This oil contains detergent and dispersive additives and offers the best possible protection in its category against wear and deposits
  • Easier cold starts: Easy cold starts due to its extreme fluidity at low temperature
  • Oil change intervals: To be modified based on the usage, please always refer to the car owner's manual
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