• TOTAL TECHNOL TRANSMISSION 80W-90 is a gear oil specially adapted to very stringent requirements; when very high Extreme-Pressure and antiwear levels are aimed in high temperature conditions;
  • TOTAL TECHNOL TRANSMISSION 80W-90 is specially recommended for manual gear boxes, transfer boxes, rear axles and differentials of passenger cars, light commercial, industrial vehicles and trucks when an oil APIGL-5 is required.


  • SAE 80W-90 super multigrade: TOTAL TECHNOL TRANSMISSION viscosity is especially low at cold temperatures which leads to a super SAE 80W (at -26°C its viscosity is 40 000 mPa.s to be compared with 150 000 mPa.s maxi for the 80W grade);
  • Very high viscosity index providing an excellent lubrication and allowing easy gear changes at low temperatures as well as at high temperatures;
  • Very high Extreme-Pressure properties;
  • Exceptional stability in operation and excellent resistance to oxidation;
  • Excellent antiwear, antifoam, anticorrosion and antirust properties.
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