About Us

We are pleased to announce that “Technoil” LLC, founded in 2015, is the first industrial enterprise, producing high – quality engine oil and lubricants not only in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic, but also in the whole Caucasus region as well.

Our factory is equipped with modern facilities and has been operating in the market of Azerbaijan since 2015 under the brand name “Technol”.

Our factory produces engine oil, gearbox oil for all types of vehicles: cars and trucks, as well as for motorcycles and cargo ships. At the same time, “Technol” LLC is engaged in the production of industrial oils, reduction gear oils, hydraulic oils, various types of lubricants and antifreeze.

Our fully automated factory is equipped with devices produced in Germany.

Our laboratory has been provided with the latest models of devices, produced by qualified leading companies of Great Britain, Germany and Japan in this field.

“Technol” LLC is cooperating with companies as Infineum, ADCO and Lubrizol, which are ones of most famous producers of raw materials and supplements in the world.

Foreign professionals, with a huge experience in motor and industrial oil sector were invited to cooperate, in order to present high-quality product to customers and conduct analyzes.  

Our products that are manufactured under the brand name “Technol” create an ideal balance either due to a high quality or a sale price that allow us to compete successfully in domestic and international markets.